Have you ever struggled to resist pressing that button even though you know something is going to go wrong? Humans press buttons every day, but buttons aren’t always easy to use, assess the outcome of, or understand the implications of. Also, when you’ve pressed the button and nothing has happened immediately, have you ever pressed it again impatiently and you got twice the serving or quantity?

Have you ever put too much super-glue on something to make sure it’s glued on forever? It’s then seems to take ages to dry, so you press even harder, get some on your fingers and you glue your fingers together before the actual object has glued.

Have you ever peeled the lid off a yogurt carton whilst it is facing you and the slight pressure inside has forced some of the contents onto your clothing, then you try and scoop it off with your finger and make it worse?

Have you ever used the wrong tool on a job to adjust something and made a complete mess of the component that should have been adjusted with the right tool?

Have you ever wasted toothpaste because you squeeze the tube in the middle and therefore never get it all out?

Have you ever tried to stop something leaking by tightening it even more than it ever should be, so it would then stop the leaking?

Have you ever put the cooker hob on full blast first and then turned it down when things start to cook a bit too fast and maybe even burn, or stick to the bottom of the pan?

Have you ever over-inflated a tyre and the inner tube has gone bang?

Have you ever over-tightened anything when you know it was already tight enough two turns before and snapped something critical? Do you take notice of torque settings? Do you use a tool with way more leverage than is actually necessary, so applying the same force on a big tool than on the specified tool makes a job go horribly wrong?

Are you an ‘over-tightener’?

Have you ever thought horse riding was really easy until you got on it and it started moving, then you fell off?

Have you ever shaken the polish bottle prior to polishing your bike and then it’s spat polish over you when you flipped the lid off? 

Have you ever eaten one food portion too many or one drink too many and regretted it because it wasn’t as special as the first portion or glass?

Have you pushed the boundaries of humour Too far and managed to offend people?

Have you ever driven faster to the petrol station to get there quicker when you are low on petrol/diesel/gas?

Have you ever broken a bone because you felt that jump was easy to take on the bike, but actually wasn’t?

Have you ever loved someone so much it’s made you cry? If yes or no, you should give the track by BRANDY called ‘Have you ever’ a play.

If yes to all of these, you’re obviously completely normal, just like me……

All photos by the Author