Welcome to my ‘Diary of a Cycling Nobody’, which illustrates my thoughts, experiences and observations regarding cycling.  Living in Switzerland and coming from a background of northern U.K. cycling, I’ve enjoyed a lot of amazing cycling, and with more to come. So, just like the first album of a new punk, blues or rock band, this site is filled with the equivalent of 2 minute-ish, fast tracks that hopefully, you want to read more than once. It aims to be inspiring, entertaining and memorable for the right reasons. My stories are mostly true and mostly untrue. The pictures emphasise the story content, hopefully.

The cycling, fashion, food, music and ‘other’ themes provide the threads that weave themselves through each story. In addition, there’s a hint of information, potential education (maybe….) and links to some of the other stuff I’m doing, like collecting, restoring and (sometimes…), selling bikes.

Whilst the main focus of this site is human powered two wheeled things, I won’t apologise for slipping some other stuff like vintage motorcycles and guitars in there as well. You can access the sister site to this one ‘diary of a motorcycling nobody’ by clicking ‘motorcycling’ at the top of all pages.

Explore the site, share it with friends and leave me a comment to let me know if I’m onto something with this blog.

Thanks for dropping by!

Guy Redshaw

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