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Cilo – The opportunities and pitfalls of re-launching a brand

A number of readers have noticed that the Swiss bicycle brand of Cilo has been re-launched, and its prompted me, whilst being inspired by watching the Alabama Shakes message their brand to take a look at some brands that have gone through a similar re-vitalisation. Firstly, you don’t need to be a marketeer, or […]

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Riding without stabilisers and flying a Spitfire for the first time – A Take-off guide for newcomers to 2 wheels and/or 2 wings.

Context: Riding your bicycle without stabilisers for the first time is as stressful, exciting and rewarding as flying for the first time, one of the most iconic looking and sounding aircraft ever (my view obviously), the Supermarine Spitfire. Whilst there are clear differences between your first bike and the aeroplane, the piloting concept is the […]

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Our kids will enjoy cycling!…….and words that begin with an ‘e’…….

As the only one in the family who is ‘into cycling’, it is my ultimate responsibility to be the cycling-ambassador, and to expose, educate, encourage and entice (all words spookily beginning with ‘e’) the kids to the fresh air delights of enjoying (another word beginning with ‘e’) the worlds most efficient form of human powered […]

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